Florida Recycles Week and America Recycles Day

This week has been Florida Recycles Week, which culminates with America Recycles Day this Sunday, November 15, when millions of people throughout the country seek to raise awareness about recycling. Since 2009 on America Recycles Day, thousands of activities have been held to spread awareness about the importance of recycling and offer personal pledges for people to sign their commitment to recycling and buying products made from recyclable material. Leading up to America Recycles Day, each day of Florida Recycles Week has its own theme to encourage Floridians and visitors to properly recycle and dispose of waste. Themes included identifying the correct items to place in curbside recycle containers – plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum and steel cans, paper, and cardboard – and what items may be recycled in other ways like grocery store collection bins for plastic bags and donating clothes and shoes. Today’s theme is “Every Bottle Back” to emphasize the importance of recycling plastic and glass bottles.

Jones Edmunds Solid Waste Department Manager Tobin McKnight said, “Recycling has faced a lot of challenges over the past several years. As we look ahead to further reduce landfilled waste and sustainably managing materials, recycling has a key part in integrated solid waste management.”

On America Recycles Day this Sunday, go to www.FloridaRecycles.org and “Take the Pledge” to:

Learn what materials are collected for recycling in your community.

Act to reduce the amount of waste you produce, recycle more, and buy products made with recycled content.

Share by encouraging one family member or one friend to take the #BeRecycled pledge.