Dr. Jones was primarily involved with industrial wastewater treatment projects. The 1977 amendments to The Federal Water Pollution Control Act, commonly known as the Clean Water Act, established the basic structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into the waters of the United States. The Act gave The Environmental Protection Agency the authority to implement pollution control programs such as setting wastewater standards for industry. Jones served the pineapple and sugar industries in California and Hawaii and worked with the citrus and paper industries in Florida.
Mr. Edmunds brought civil engineering and hydraulics expertise. He worked on large water s upply projects, such as pumping stations and water transmission pipelines. Examples of Jones Edmunds initial large clients are Pinellas County and the Lithia Pump Station.


Tampa Office
is established


Began Working
for NASA
Our first project was the Schwartz Road Landfill Closure and new Class III Landfill


Acquired Smith &
Gillespie /
Office Established


Became NASA’s EOR
for Civil/


Titusville Office


JEACES was formed
to continue our CEI
support to FDOT


Jones Edmunds University
is established:
Commitment to Knowledge and Professional Growth and Development of our People.


Sarasota and Winter
Haven Offices Established.


South Florida/West
Palm Beach Office


of Life – Honoring
Dr. Richard (Dick) H. Jones, PE.


Received NASAs Southeast Regional Architect and Engineering (SERAE) program five-year multiple awards IDIQ contract.

“Dick was a nineteenth century southern gentleman. He was courteous, courageous and honest. I have known him for forty-three years and been in business with him, in the office next to him, for forty-two years. During that time, we never raised our voices, had an argument, or had even a significant


A PhD student and protégé’ of Dr. A.P. Black (who probably was the world’s leading expert in water chemistry and treatment technologies), Dick was a brilliant engineer. He specialized in municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment. He developed the EPA NPDES discharge limitations for the sugar cane industry and the timber products industry, the treatment processes for the citrus products industry and served many industrial and municipal clients.

At a specialty chemical manufacturing client’s request, Dick once designed an industrial chemical/physical/biological wastewater treatment plant that would treat “anything”. As President until just a few years ago, he steadily and reliably led our firm through significant successes and challenges


Dick was an excellent example of a servant leader. He sincerely cared about the welfare of our people and went the extra mile to help when someone was facing life’s challenges. The last time I was able to speak with him, despite his condition, he inquired about our firm and our people.


The very best tribute to Dick’s memory will be for us to recommit our efforts to serving our clients and each other as he did, with integrity, knowledge, and service. “ – Bob Edmunds, PE