Join as at the 2018 SHRUG GIS Workshop!

Don’t miss Brian Icerman, Department Manager, presenting at the Seven Hills Regional User Group (SHRUG) GIS workshop! The session will be held on November 7 at 11:30 AM at the Florida State University Conference Center. Below is an in-depth description of his session.

Downtown Tallahassee is undergoing constant redevelopment, increasing the stress on stormwater infrastructure. The City sought to update the Downtown Stormwater Master Plan, the goals of which include identifying conveyance capacity improvements, facilitating redevelopment, expediting the development-review process, and identifying areas of significant overland flood paths to help developers in establishing flood-resistant building elevations in these areas. Since the City of Tallahassee has invested in GIS datasets for years. The Master Plan update wisely relied heavily on using ArcGIS, not just for data display, but for the most important aspects of the project. Come learn how the City of Tallahassee’s Stormwater staff and Jones Edmunds harnessed the power of GIS to proactively plan for future development. We leveraged GIS for beyond a typical master planning map. Since we used GIS for data creation, development, and as the final story-telling tool, we were able to paint a more vivid picture of the future.