Sean Menard, PE, CDT, ENV SP, Assoc. DBIA

Department Manager
Sean Menard specializes in hydraulics, pump design, and general wastewater design engineering including water quality, treatment, storage, and distribution facilities. His broad experience allows him to serve on many projects, including design of pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, transmission pipelines, water and wastewater disinfection, well surface facilities, and construction coordination. He is a Designated Design-Build Professional. He is a member of the American Water Works Association and the Order of the Engineer.
Bachelor of Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

City of St. Cloud, Water Treatment Plant No. 1 MIEX Resin Pre-Disinfection


Fun FactSean has an excellent ability to memorize; some of the things he's memorized include the first 100 digits of pi, chapters of the Bible, and poetry.