Troy Hays, PG

Senior Manager
Troy Hays specializes in groundwater modeling, permitting, site assessments, contamination remediation, and construction administration and quality assurance/quality control. He is an expert in funding procurement, assistance, and coordination during construction projects. He has extensive experience working with USDA Rural Development and the State Revolving Fund for procuring the funds and the processes required for distribution after the award.
Bachelor of Science, Geology, University of Nebraska Omaha

- Citrus County Homosassa Springs Septic Tank Phase Out Program

- Citrus County Southwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility Engineering Services During Construction and Reclaimed Water System Expansion

- Walton County Class I Transfer Station Engineering Services During Construction

- Citrus County Class I Phase 4 Landfill Expansion and Citizens Service Area Upgrades


Fun FactTroy was awarded “Man of the Tournament” during the inaugural Omaha rugby tournament for playing the last match with a broken jaw (the tournament also took place during a blizzard).