Terri Lowery Presents Septic to Sewer Conversion to Broward County WAB

Terri Lowery recently presented information on the Florida Water Environment Association Utility Council’s Guidance Document on Septic to Sewer Conversion to the Broward County Water Advisory Board. Lowery developed the Guidance Document on behalf of the Utility Council at the request of FDEP to offer local government a resource to assist with looking at this very sensitive topic. Broward County is considering an ordinance change as it relates to Septic to Sewer conversion.

Terri has made more than 10 Septic to Sewer presentations around the state over the past two years on the topic, and has taken on the mantle of Septic to Sewer Queen – complete with a life-size cutout of her used at various venues to create awareness of the water quality challenges we face as a state associated with septic tank impacts.

Septic to Sewer Conversion Guidance Document