Walton County Unveils Its New Solid Waste Transfer Station

Walton County recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of its new solid waste transfer station. Troy Hays, PG and Ken Vogel, PE represented Jones Edmunds at the event. The new facility is sized to handle peak garbage volume safely and efficiently, and it will help meet the County’s growing solid waste needs for years to come.

“The County’s existing transfer station was nearing the end of its useful life and needed to be replaced. It was also not well located on the County’s solid waste management site with respect to future solid waste management needs of the County,” said Troy Hays. To provide more efficient management of solid waste by the County, Jones Edmunds developed recommendations for a more effective transfer station design and an optimum location for the facility on the County’s solid waste management site.

Based on regulatory requirements, good engineering design, and input from County staff, Jones Edmunds incorporated design elements for the facilities including vehicle access and routing, operational needs such as breakroom and bathroom facilities, leachate collection and management, truck scale requirements, provision for electric power, access roadway and inbound scale facility, site paving and grading, building design to accommodate future expansion of the facility, stormwater management, provision for fire protection, extra trailer parking, and communication capabilities to other site facilities. Our team served the County throughout all phases of the project, including planning, design, permitting, and construction administration.