WFTV in Orlando Speaks to Alan Foley on Volusia Blue Aquifer Recharge Project

Volusia County’s Blue Spring is a first-magnitude spring not currently achieving its minimum flow and level. The St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) and the West Volusia Water Suppliers (WVWS) identified the B&H Excavation Site, a 60-acre mine, as a potential recharge site to help increase flows to the spring. The mine located about 0.5-mile northeast of Blue Spring is excavated 40 to 50 feet below natural grade. The west side of the property borders an existing 10-inch force main owned by the Florida Department of Transportation that conveys stormwater discharge from Mill Lake to the St. Johns River.

Jones Edmunds worked with SJRWMD and WVWS to evaluate the feasibility of using the B&H Excavation Site for a recharge between 2 to 5 million gallons per day that would benefit Volusia Blue Spring while not adversely impacting water quality at the spring. The study found that a recharge project at this site is economically, environmentally, and technically feasible and could restore almost 2% of the spring flow.

Alan Foley, PE – Senior Project Manager with Jones Edmunds spoke with WFTV about the Volusia Blue Aquifer Recharge Project.